Real Life Stories: THE BOY TRAP Part I


Part I

(Excerpt from ‘The Boy Trap’ FEMINIZATIONS Magazine)

Several weeks had passed since Simon had first noticed the renovations at the CBC building. He had passed through there on almost every day on his way to the recruitment offices which were in the next building. There was a faster way but he always went via that route anyway just so that he might catch a glimpse of the two glamorous women he once saw standing in the lobby.

He had been delivering a package in his previous job when he first caught sight of them and from that point on it had become somewhat of an obsession, even to the extent that he would loiter around the lobby pretending to make deliveries just so that he might spot them again. Unfortunately for him it was this obsession that ultimately cost him his job. The time he spent at the CBC building slowly but surely led to late deliveries which in turn led to a deluge of complaints. Finally his employer had to let him go.




Perversely, all the extra time he had on his hands allowed him to spend even more time on his quest. Eventually his daily trek from his house to the recruitment offices and back would eventually pay dividends. One afternoon as he was passing through the CBC building on his way home he decided to get a coffee from the small café which overlooked the lobby.  He sat staring at the building work in progress on the vacant retail unit directly opposite.  It appeared as though they were nearing completion.

His mind started to wander as he sat there. It suddenly hit him how much time he had spent there. Now out of work for several months his situation had gradually become more desperate. His last job had ended badly which made it harder for him to find another position. He still had to pay the rent on his downtown apartment and desperately wanted to stay there. Now he faced the ignominy of having to move back home with no job.  He knew he had to find some source of income, and fast.


Just at that moment the door opened on the wooden hoardings in front of the renovations. Just inside he saw one of the unmistakable figures that he had been seeking for so long. She was standing with her back to the door, dressed in black with long, blonde hair tied back in a high ponytail. He stood up, leaning forward to get a better view. She was holding a clipboard and seemed giving orders to the workmen around her. It was definitely her he thought to himself.

She was tall, seemingly towering over the men around her. “I must get a closer look.” Simon thought to himself. He knew he might not get another chance. Suddenly she turned and strode across the lobby towards the elevator. Knowing he wouldn’t make downstairs in time, he held his position on the balcony to see which floor she stopped at. He watched the number above the elevator door go to 20 without stopping before returning back down to the lobby. A surge of excitement came over him and he immediately rushed downstairs to check the directory sign next to the elevator. It read, ’20-23 SENTINAL’

He turned around to the wooden hoardings but the door was already closed again. Knowing how tight the security was in that building he would have to find a way to get to the 20th floor so he started to put a plan together.

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