Welcome to the FEMINIZATIONS Blog!

Welcome back to FEMINIZATIONS! We have been inundated with so many requests from people wanting to see the latest updates that we have decided to re-launch our blog. Here we will be sharing exclusive content and sneak previews of our FEMINIZATIONS programme including incredible photos, sexy stories and exclusive interviews.

cover shot 2

Some of you may be followers of the old FEMINIZATIONS blog so you will be familiar with many of people you see on here and the ImageMax programme so let’s test your knowledge a little with a couple of teaser questions!

cover shot 3

The cover girl on our home page is sporting a beautiful shoulder length bob hairstyle. Can you guess which of our graduates that is? She was a star of many photo shoots which should give you a big clue! Also, can you tell us what is so unusual about her outfit?

Cover Shot

We’ll give you the answers next week so keep following us here on FEMINIZATIONS!

Emma x


One thought

  1. The extreme high turtleneck is unusual. But didn’t find any written explanation, so I’m curious, especially because I’m a wool fetish addict.


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