The Essential Turtleneck

Last week we posed a few teasers for you regarding over cover-girl shot. Did you manage to get the answers? Well the model in question was of course Kimberly, a firm favorite on the previous website who will  feature regularly here.

The second question was a little harder but keen readers would have noticed that Kimberly was wearing black, which is normally  only permitted to be worn by our full time staff and not by interns. We are however very pleased to announce that Kimberly is now a fully fledged member of our stylist team! This means that she is now the proud wearer of the essential black turtleneck and indeed the first intern to gain this badge of honor!

Stylist I
The perfect turtleneck

Coming from our legendary team of stylists, comes this extraordinary ribbed wool stretch turtleneck featuring the iconic extra-long neck. Expertly crafted in pure new wool, the sweater is composed of a heavy ribbed, seamless knit.

This is certainly not your average turtleneck. For a visually dramatic effect, it features a striking combination of ribbed knit and a seductively long neck, which helps elongate the flattering fitted silhouette, and slightly asymmetrical sleeves. This subversively elegant piece from our visionary design house will become a wardrobe essential!

All our young interns will be taught from day one of their training the target they should be aiming for and that the gorgeous Kimberly is their new role model. Who will be the next young intern who enters as a scruffy teenage boy but then ultimately leaves in the beautiful outfit above?


Emma x



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