The Luxury Collection

As the new Senior Stylist at SENTINAL I have made it our mission to reinvigorate the ImageMax programme. As successful as it undoubtedly is, we at SENTINAL constantly strive to make improvements.

The key problem area was discipline or lack thereof. Each influx of new recruits brings with it a whole range of personalities some of which can be more difficult than others.

Luxury Pink Dress

To combat this I have introduced several new measures to successfully navigate the inevitable ‘bumps in the road’ that we encounter as our interns go through their feminizations. By having a range of different approaches leads to a successful graduation in each and every case.

Previously our interns would week by week, gradually create their own wardrobe and a portion of their salary is deducted to cover the cost.  We have improved that process further by introducing the new Luxury Collection. Key pieces from this will take their new wardrobes to the next level. Which items and how many is directed by our team of Stylists. That’s not the whole as this is no ordinary collection!



Each piece is beautifully designed and crafted exclusively for ImageMax in the finest merino wool of the highest quality and softness. The shades of yarn are not chosen at random. Every color exudes femininity which over time has shown to have a cumulative effect on the wearer. The subtle pastel shades of pink, blues and yellows and the ultra-softness of the yarn combine to double the impact.

But what really sets the Luxury Collection apart are the designs themselves. Each sweater and sweater dress has a uniquely avant-garde slant to its form. From sexy formfitting sweaters and mini dresses to incredible figure hugging ankle-length maxi dresses each featuring uniquely edgy oversized cuffs and incredibly long, luxurious turtlenecks.

‘subtle pastel shades of pink, blues and yellows and the ultra-softness of the yarn combine to double the impact’

Over the coming months we will show you just how effective this has been………..

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