The Boy Humbler

The Luxury Collection

Ribbed Turtleneck Dress In Pastel Yellow

Introducing another fabulous creation from our Luxury Collection:

‘The Boy Humbler’.

This gorgeous piece can be worn as a long sweater or sexy mini-dress. It is crafted from the highest quality super-soft merino wool in a figure hugging skinny-rib knit.

It features deep,oversized cuffs and a sensational extra-long double turtleneck. It is yet another standout design from Xuxa and her team.

Luxury Collection II

As our regular readers will know, the Luxury Collection pieces are made to measure our interns perfectly, each one having it’s own unique design. So far we have had two of this design made, one in powder pink, the other in the beautiful pastel yellow shown here and the effects have been so devastating that it has already been nicknamed ‘The Boy Humbler’

shot 5
Dress features luxurious double turtleneck

On both occasions the trainees were practically on their knees within a couple of hours of us putting it on them. Xuxa explains the thinking behind the design:

‘We wanted to create a unique design that would be both uniquely sexy and effective in keeping our interns in check. That’s why we opted for the slim fitting body and sleeves coupled with the exaggerated cuffs and double layered turtleneck. 

The length just skims the hips so it can worn with a skirt or as a dress. For our interns we styled it as a dress with semi sheer pantyhose and classic ultra high heel pumps. ‘I’m not sure who first came up with the moniker but we all thought it was a perfect fit!’ 


A closer look at this fabulous piece


Once again we congratulate Xuxa and her team and are all looking forward to the next amazing design!

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