His First Skirt: Part Three

His First Skirt

Part Three

skirting 2
Work that skirt girl!

Soon the meeting drew to a close. As the four women stood to shake hands, Lee took his position behind Ann as he had been instructed.

‘I’m very impressed with this one.’ remarked one of the women, pointing to him.

‘Very efficient and obedient.’ Lee bowed his head, blushing slightly.

‘Well, as I said, our interns are trained to a very high standard.’ replied Ann.

‘We may take up your offer of bringing a couple of them in as temps.’ said the other woman.

‘Absolutely!’ said Ann, smiling broadly, ‘We can discuss it at the next meeting.’

As they walked towards the waiting car Ann gently patted him on the behind,

‘Well done Lee.’ she whispered. ‘I have a surprise for you when we get back.’

Lee could hardly contain his excitement. What could it possibly be? He thought.

They entered the studio back at the Sentinal office, Mika and Tanika were both stood waiting for them. ‘How did it go?’ asked Mika.

‘She nailed it!’ replied Ann.

It was the first time that he had heard himself referred to as ‘she’. He was mortified. He was still trying to comprehend it when Ann turned to him,

‘Ready for your reward?’ she asked. Lee nodded slowly.

‘It’s a beautiful skirt you have on isn’t it?’ He looked around the room nervously, not saying a word. She took a step closer to him.

‘Isn’t it?’ she said, in a much sterner tone, turning her head slightly, her still eyes fixed on his.

‘Yes Ann,’ he answered, in a barely audible voice.

‘Well it’s now yours.’ Lee stood open-mouthed, not knowing what to say.

‘You actually bought it last week for your monthly purchase.’

‘You also bought this skirt as well.’ Lee watched Ann nervously as she crossed the room to a clothing rack and picked out an identical skirt in black.

She walked over to him and held it up against the skirt he was already wearing.

‘You’re progress has been slipping lately so we need to get you back on track, starting with your wardrobe.’

‘For the next four weeks, Wednesday will be skirt day for you.’

Ann beckoned him over to the clothing rack.

‘You’ll wear what you have on next week. The following week you’ll wear this black skirt with the pink turtleneck and then alternate between the two.’  she added, gesturing towards the rack.

A sense of dread came over him but also a feeling of utter powerlessness. He nodded in submission.

‘Let’s see how he looks.’ said Tamara moving behind him. She slipped her hands around his waist and began to pull his skirt down. As he stepped out of it, Mika began to pull the ivory turtleneck off over his head.

Tamara then knelt down in front of him and unzipped the brown ankle boots.

‘Step into these,’ she said.

Lee looked down as she replaced the brown boots with a pair of black patent Mary Jane pumps.

‘Now the skirt,’ said Mika.

Once again, Lee complied with the instructions, too scared to offer any resistance as they pulled the skirt up around his waist

‘Let’s see if we can balance out his figure a little.’ said Ann.

Tamara took a bra from the rack and slowly fastened it around him.

‘Put your arms through!’ she snapped.’That’s a good girl.’

He looked down at the bra. It had gel-filled cups which gave the illusion of small but perfectly formed breasts.

He was transfixed by what he saw. He slowly raised his arms to touch them when Ann snapped her fingers. He looked up startled to see her holding a pink turtleneck.

‘Arms up!’

She slowly pulled it down his body.

Magazine D
Ann, the architect of Lee’s transformation.

It was made from softest ribbed cashmere he had ever felt. The slim fit seemed to caress his entire body. The sensation of the overtly high, tight turtleneck felt incredible as Mika adjusted it.

Tanika then took a skinny black patent belt and put it around his waist. Lee took a deep breath as he felt her pulling it tight before securing it with a gold lock and chain fastening.

As they all took a step back, Lee looked up to see his reflection in the mirror. He was mesmerized by what he saw. The pink turtleneck looked even more incredible than it felt against his body. The devilishly tight belt and longer length of the turtleneck accentuated his hips.

‘Okay, lets see you work the room,’ said Ann.

Lee began to strut up and down the runway in the middle of the studio.

The soft, figure hugging knit not only emphasized his new ‘breasts’ but also allowed them to gently move like the real thing.

Tanika and Mika both turned towards Ann

‘Perfect,’ she said with a beaming smile.

Xuxa x

Coming soon: The Art Of Feminization, the story of how Ann revolutionized the ImagMax programme.









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