The Boy Trap Part II

The Boy Trap  

Part II

(Excerpt from ‘The Boy Trap’ FEMINIZATIONS Magazine)

Imogen I
The gorgeous Imogen

Simon now put together a plan to try to somehow get up to the 20th floor of the CBC. He decided to pretend that he was still working as a courier and try to gain access by saying he was making a delivery. He still had all his gear  A courier would get a temporary pass from the security desk in the lobby after showing their ID card which they would then return on the way out.

Luckily his regular visits to the CBC had made him such a familiar face that security rarely, if ever, asked him for his ID. If luck was on his side, he thought, he could bluff his way in.


On Friday morning Simon entered the CBC lobby. Wearing a black jacket and jeans he walked up to the security counter, flipping up the visor on his crash helmet as he approached.

“Haven’t seen you in ages!” said the security guard, a broad grin across his face.

“Oh, I’ve been doing a different route.” Simon replied.’Nobody seemed to have recognized him when he was not in his trademark couriers gear.

“I have a delivery for the twentieth  floor.”


He paused for a moment as if he was going to ask him again.

“Yes. Twenty.” he said trying his best to sound nonchalant.

“Okay here you go.” the guard replied as he handed over the pass.

Simon could feel his heart starting to race as turned and walked towards the elevator. He stepped inside, held the pass against the sensor and pressed the button.The doors closed. He looked up at the numbers as they increased. Finally here he was here after waiting for so long.

He took a deep breath as the door opened, getting ready to say his well rehearsed lines. The elevator opened to a small, ultra modern lobby but there was nobody there. Large silver metallic letters spelt out ‘SENTINAL’ against a jet-black shiny facade on one side with smoked glass panels and double doors beside it.

To the right of the door was a touch sensor. He put his hand up towards it and to his surprise a doorbell rang. After a few moments he saw a dark silhouette appear behind the door. A loud buzzer sounded and the door opened.

A beautiful young girl dressed in black stood there, looking him up and down curiously. Her blonde hair was styled in a cute bow up-do. His well prepared words froze in his  mouth.

“Yes? Can I help you?’

“I…I’m delivering a package.” he stuttered.

“Deliveries don’t come here. That’s downstairs.” she replied “Who is it for?”

“Alpha Industries.”

“This is isn’t Alpha. You’re on the wrong floor.” she said, tilting her head back and looking at him suspiciously.

Just then a voice came from behind her, “Imogen?” She turned to talk to someone behind her. Simon tried to listen in but it was difficult with his helmet on. He could just make out something about ‘Monday’.

Imogen, as he now knew her turned back to him and gestured towards the elevator with the back of her hand dismissively

 “Go back downstairs. You’ve got the wrong  floor.”

Despondently he turned and pressed the button for the elevator. He heard the loud buzzer on the door behind him as it closed. He knew any attempt to get  in this way would be futile. He stuffed the package back into his rucksack as he stepped back into the lobby, walked across to the security desk and handed the pass back.

As he walked out of the building he glanced over at the renovations which were nearing completion. Whatever emerged from behind those hoardings might now be his only chance.


Emma x


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