Skirting The Issue

Introducing the skirt into the wardrobe is one of the most significant points of the ImageMax programme and is also one of the most challenging. So when you are trying to get a seventeen year old to wear something that he has never even contemplated putting on before then we sometimes have to handle the situation very carefully.

Thankfully we have experience in navigating this bumpy road and women’s fashion has enough fluidity to fill in the gaps that men’s fashion can’t. We will show you the key looks that will enable you to gradually make that somewhat tricky transition yourself.

One of our ‘go to’ designers for this is the amazing Rachel Pally and it’s from one of her collections that we selected these gorgeous wide leg pants. Fashioned in a super-soft knit fabric they exude drama in every step. The incredible wide cut mimics the flow of a full length skirt. It’s only when you look closely that you realize that they are actually pants.

The ‘Hollywood’ high waist and cute faux front pocket detail also help to make it a memorable piece and a must have for your wardrobe!

Wide Pant I
Super-soft jersey knit pants

We enlisted Kimberly to assist Susan to help create a complete look around these pants and one of our new trainees to road test it! To counterbalance the wide pants we paired them with a classic skinny-rib turtleneck by Massimo Dutti. The two pieces combine to form a truly beautiful silhouette.

Our trainee was a little nervous when he saw what he would be wearing, especially when we began to put the shape wear on him, but a great look has to be built on a great foundation. To make sure the pants had a smooth form we used high waist panties which give a perfectly flat front but also boost the rear. To balance out the figure we added a wireless pillow cup bra which gently enhances whilst offering all day comfort.

For the shoes we chose black patent Oxford pumps by Jon Josef. A retro inspired shoe, updated for a modern and classic look. A fun and eye catching design which we are loving this season.

Block Heel Oxford Pump
Oxford Pump by Jon Josef

Our trainee was then put through his paces with some catwalk drills under close supervision by Susan. The 3-inch block heel were a little challenging in the beginning but he was soon striding out like a pro!

The finishing touch which truly brought it all together was the ribbed duster. Full length with a deep V-neck and button front, the tight form added an overall slimming effect.

Susan then instructed our trainee on how to really maximize its impact!

Firstly he would enter with the ribbed duster fastened with a single button at the top, seductively giving a hint of what was underneath. Then after striding in confidently, he would turn whilst undoing the button before turning back to face the room, placing one hand on his hip. The duster now fully open, revealing the sexy formfitting ribbed turtleneck and the high waist pants, the soft folds of the liquid jersey knit gently sweeping around him as he turned.

Wide Pant IV

After a only few attempts he was able to pull off the move perfectly. No further instruction were needed as he continued to work the room, parading up and down, posing and turning dramatically, sneaking looks at himself in the mirror as he went, seemingly entranced by the clothes.

Susan smiled broadly and gave a thumps up to the rest of the team,

“This one’s in the bag, bring in the next intern.”

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