The Boy Trap Part III

The Boy Trap  

Part III


(Excerpt from ‘The Boy Trap’ FEMINIZATIONS Magazine)


It was Monday morning and Simon was returning home from a job interview at the recruitment agency. Not for the first time it had ended in disappointment. The manner in which he had lost his last position was again proving to be his Achilles heel. Being unreliable was not what potential employers were looking for.

Feeling despondent, he thought he might not even bother dropping by the CBC and just go straight home. He was just passing by when it began to pour with rain. ‘Well that just sums up my day.’ He thought. Having no coat or umbrella he decided to grab a coffee in the lobby and wait until the rain eased off.

By the time he got there he was already wet through. Then as he entered the lobby he saw something that stopped him dead in his tracks.

The hoardings were gone and there was now what appeared to be a women’s clothing store in its place. Large black letters spelt out ‘SENTINAL’ in the same style as the sign he had seen upstairs the previous week.

He walked up to the front of the store, completely transfixed by the display in the window. It was done in a minimalist style, as you would see in a high-end boutique. Each outfit had a pair of shoes next to it creating a complete look. He examined each one in turn going back and forth several times. He then looked at the door. Filled with a mixture of fear and excitement, he knew he had to go inside.

He put his hand up to the door but it was locked. A sensor was beside the door exactly like the one he had seen upstairs. He looked back at the display in the window, then glancing around to make sure nobody was looking he took out his phone and began to take photos of it.

Suddenly he heard a voice behind him,

“Like what you see?” He spun around whilst trying to stuff the phone back in his pocket. Standing before him was Imogen. She looked even better than she did the last time he saw her. She was with another girl who was equally as beautiful. He could feel his face burning up.

Miku, SENTINAL’s  senior talent scout

“You are here for the interview right?” gesturing towards the clear folder he had under his arm containing his resume and qualifications.

“Yes.” he blurted out in response, unable to think of anything else.

“Let’s go then!” She said, pointing over his shoulder.

He turned around and found himself in front of the door. Imogen took out a pass and touched it against the sensor, a loud buzzer sounded as it opened. He felt a hand on his back, gently pushing him forward and before he knew what had happened he found himself inside.

Instead of a boutique he actually found himself at the end of a long corridor. On either side were several smoked glass double doors. He could hear music coming from one side and what sounded like someone shouting instructions as you would in a fitness class.

“This way.” said Imogen and all three of them started to walk down the corridor. He heard the door close behind him, the buzzer sounding loudly again as it shut. Nervously he glanced over his shoulder. A sense of dread started to come over him.

He was now trapped.


At the end of the corridor was another set of doors which had to be opened with a security pass. Again they opened and closed with a loud buzzing sound.

Simon now found himself in an elevator lobby. The elevator doors opened and the three of them stepped inside. He noticed that the only two buttons in the elevator were for floors one and twenty. Imogen took out a pass, touched it against the sensor and the doors closed.

He took a deep breath as it began to rise, wondering if he could even make it out of there if he tried.


Emma x


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