The Jumper Dress

Jumper Dress


The jumper dress has just been revamped! The onetime schoolgirl staple is now updated and will become one of your wardrobe favorites! Here we have the pick of the bunch with a super-cute dress by one of our favorites here at ImageMax, Rachel Pally.

jumper dress III


It features a sexy fitted bodice with a deep V-neckline which then opens out into a full skirt. The empire waist joins the two contrasting parts perfectly.

In charcoal grey and in a soft modal jersey knit, the skirt swings out fabulously every time you move. This dress will definitely make an impact!

To complete the look we layered a sumptuous black turtleneck underneath (which will feature on its own soon!). In a ribbed knit with a generously long turtleneck, it is also in a form-fitting shape which matches the bodice of the dress.

Black Ribbed Tights
Wool tights by Hansel From Basel


We then added a pair of wool tights by Hansel From Basel, the black rib knit matching the turtleneck perfectly. And last but not least, a pair of grey tweed T-strap pumps by GUCCI which add the drama!


Gucci Pump
T-strap pump by GUCCI


This cozy but sexy outfit will add some variety to your everyday wardrobe and is sure to become one of your favorites!



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