Where To Buy?


We have had numerous readers asking us more information on the items featured on our blog. Some, rather bizarrely, didn’t think they actually existed at all!

jumper dress III
Rachel Pally Jumper Dress & Ribbed Turtleneck by Theory

First up is the jumper dress featured last year, as mentioned before, the dress is by Rachel Pally and that amazing black turtleneck is actually by Theory. It was from their collection a couple of years ago which featured some gorgeous pieces which could be put together to form some amazing looks. Sadly it is no longer available from their site but they do crop up regularly in consignment stores. We do have quite a few of them here at SENTINAL in a variety of colors and hope to make them available in our forthcoming online store!

Theory Ribbed Turtleneck
Ribbed Wool Turtleneck by Theory

Next up is the now is the mighty Colomb Dress! A reader asked us to show some pictures of the dress laid out flat in order to see the dimensions and we are happy to oblige!

Colomb Dress


Hopefully that makes things more clear (And yes, the turtlenecks are that long!!). We will feature some more Colomb designs in the future!

Emma x


5 Thoughts

  1. Thank you. About the turtlenecks, there are 100cm high necks, on ebay. In my opinion, higher is better, is a choice, for the mistresses, to play with and could be a nightmare/dream for the submissive. Thank you for this section.

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      1. The Boy Humbler could match with a double skirt, a hobble tight ankle length layer inside (to allow baby steps only) and a larger fake comfy layer outside. The Boy Humbler is my favorite one, togheter with the Missoni turtleneck. (love the web picture showing Giselle Bundchen wearing it).


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