The Colomb Dress

The Colomb Dress

It’s very rare that we are lost for words when describing some of the amazing pieces from our Classic Collection but this is definitely one of those times! A dynamic duo of irresistible luxury combine to make an unstoppable force in the form of this unforgettable dress from Denis Colomb.

Colomb Dress
Cropped turtleneck & cowl neck dress. Two luxurious & sexy pieces in their own right!

The super-sexy cropped turtleneck dovetails beautifully with the  figure hugging cowl neck dress. The dramatic oversized cowl neck can barely contain the equally mighty turtleneck layered underneath. Both are crafted from the finest ribbed cashmere in a stunning purple shade.

We think the pictures speak from themselves but unfortunately even they can’t fully showcase this dress. Only by wearing it yourself will you fully experience it.

We should warn you that after watching the video above, you are probably going to want one!

Complete the look!
Complete the look!

It wasn’t easy to find shoes to compete on the same level with this dress but we think we found perfect partners in these hounds-tooth pantyhose and Christian Louboutin Daffodile platform pumps in black leather.

Isabella x


8 Thoughts

      1. I have in mind the last sentence of The Boy Trap part IX: “All his clothes had disappeared”, Emma. So i thought about a training confining outfit, including “The Boy Humbler”, and now this beatiful Colomb Dress. By the way your site is a killer application, perfect to fuck my brain, because: 1) my knitted female clothing fetish (wool and mohair and shetland and so on), especially extreme high turtlenecks, are an exciting evil torture on my skin) 2) I’m a submissive in SM meaning, and love bondage and mistresses and dominant women 3) I have all the time Forced Feminization dreams. Mixed the three points and the result will be…….Your site. So I’m getting crazy here, reading your stories and the Sentinal training system. If only it were true in real life…. 🙂

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  1. We are so glad you are all enjoying our revamped site! We are putting together more gorgeous new looks as well as some sumptuous new designs that will leave you weak at the knees! x


    1. Please keep up the awesome work! You never fail to please in your stories and in the outfits you put together. I would love a transformation at the Sentinel ;p


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