The Feminizations Magazine

The new issue of the FEMINIZATIONS magazine is here and as always we have chosen a memorable image for the cover. It seems the highly provocative shot is too much for some as it is the first of our covers to be censored. We at SENTINAL think it will have the opposite however as it will just have people longing to see what is hidden away even more!

The censored version of our latest issue

Thankfully we don’t have to bow to the censors here and you can see the uncensored image below. One of our mentors and fellow editors, Xuxa, is featured on the cover for the first time. But what could possibly be having such an obvious effect on the intern that she is instructing? Well all will be revealed very soon in our upcoming feature.



Also we have an update on our appearance on The Makeover

We don’t want to give too much away but you will see all the sensational events that brought the house down very soon.

Finally, our regular readers will be excited to hear that the next installment of  The Boy Trap is on it’s way and the story of one our very own interns is nearing its climax!

With all the above as well as more stories and fashion features there is so much to look forward to here on the Feminizations Blog!


Emma x


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One thought

  1. It would be so intoxicating to have classy women dress you up in a sexy turtleneck, to leave your hard clitty exposed through crotchless lingerie, and legs wrapped in stockings. So Submissive mmmm lol.


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