The Boy Trap Part VII

The Boy Trap

Part VII

(Excerpt from ‘The Boy Trap’ FEMINIZATIONS Magazine)


Simon left the CBC building feeling about ten feet tall. He couldn’t wait to tell all his family and friends about his new job.

The more he thought about it, the better it became; the salary, the cool downtown location, his beautiful co-workers and also because he would be able to boast that he was a male model.

The thing that excited him the most of all was the thought of all the beautiful women that he would be working with.

His imagination began to run wild. He thought about who he would most like to start dating. Imogen? Tammy? Or both? Maybe he could even try his luck with Xuxa or Susan?

He didn’t recall seeing any other men working there. ‘I could take my pick!’ He thought to himself, grinning from ear to ear as he walked home.


On the Friday before he was due to start Simon went out to buy some new clothes. It had stated on the acceptance letter that he should wear a plain white shirt and black pants in the office for the first month, after which he would be able to choose what to wear from a selection of items on a list.  After picking out three pairs of pants he went into fitting room to try them on.


As he stood in front of the mirror his mind once again wandered back to what happened at Sentinal and that moment in the changing room with Xuxa. He closed his eyes and could almost feel her behind him. Her placing one hand on his hip, then her other hand expertly undoing his pants.He could feel his excitement growing and slowly he unzipped the fly on his pants. Suddenly he heard voices outside the cubicle,

‘I think this one is empty.’ a voice said, the curtain opening slightly. ‘Oh, sorry. I thought this one was free.’ Simon spun around and pulled the curtain closed again. He could hear people laughing as they went into another cubicle. Suddenly brought back to his senses he turned back to face the mirror. He looked at down at his hand and noticed some small hairs on it. He put his hand on his stomach and some more hair came off as he touched it. He touched his arms, again the hair fell away.

The bare skin felt as smooth as silk.   He had almost forgotten about the beauty salon. He remembered that they said it would take a few days to take effect. He examined himself in the mirror. His entire body was now almost totally free of hair. He removed pants,his legs were now also smooth to the touch. His held his breath as he pulled down his underwear. Seeing his hairless manhood invoked a strange feeling inside of him. It was somehow as if he had been completely emasculated. Surely this wasn’t permanent.

He sat down on the bench in the cubicle. The hair removal must be because of the photo-shoots he thought to himself. He couldn’t think of any other logical explanation.

For a moment he considered not showing up on Monday, but the thought of all the positives aspects of the role, along with the fact that he had told almost everyone he knew about this amazing new job meant that he simply had to go ahead with it.

‘It’ll be fine,’ he said to himself, standing up. He picked out the two pairs of pants he liked the most and went to pay for them.

The moment of doubt soon passed and he began to feel excited at the thought of Monday again…..

Emma x



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