TV Makeover

More exciting news here at Sentinal with the announcement that we have been selected to appear on ’The Makeover’. This brand new series to be screened soon is described as:


“A fashion magazine show with a heavy emphasis on giving people opportunities to not only revamp their wardrobe, but to help them nurture a sense of style that they may have lost or never even knew that they had. 

We’ll instill in them the notion that  their style is their brand and that having a strong brand will give them confidence and a positive attitude that will help them in every aspect of their lives.’  


One of the features that we have been selected to take part in will involve three teams of stylists or image consultants competing to give someone a wardrobe makeover. This person will have been nominated by a friend, relative or work colleague. The teams will present their look and then the audience will have a vote to choose their favorite outfit . The result will be announced at the end of show and the winning team will then give the nominee a full wardrobe makeover which will  be featured the following week.

Our team can’t wait to get their chance to compete against other stylists and to prove to everyone that when it comes to style, we are the ones who really push the boundaries and that we are definitely the best around!

This is a truly sensational development for us here at Sentinal so join us as we wish the stylist team the best of luck.


Let’s bring home the win!


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