The Boy Trap Part VI

The Boy Trap

Part VI

(Excerpt from ‘The Boy Trap’ FEMINIZATIONS Magazine)


Studio B

Simon followed Xuxa back through the changing room. To his surprise they didn’t stop. He was still dressed in just a robe and slippers as they went all the way back out to the elevator.

Finally they arrived back downstairs to where they had first come in. He spotted the main doors opening at the end of the corridor. Two large racks of what appeared to be all women’s clothing were being brought in through the doors. Simon contemplated making a bolt for the door, but in a second the moment had passed as the doors closed again with that telltale buzzing sound.

New Rack
New Arrivals!

Stopping halfway down the corridor at a door marked ‘B’, they entered a large photography studio. There was a slightly elevated catwalk which ran down one side. He suddenly remembered that the music and sound of someone giving instructions he heard when he first came in had come from this room.

A camera and lighting had been set up at one end. There were two women talking whilst one of them adjusted the lights.

‘This way,’ said Xuxa and they both walked towards them.

‘This is Simon,’ said Xuxa ‘He’s here for his photo-shoot.’

‘This is Tammy and Bridget,’ they both smiled at him. ‘Is this the first time you’ve done anything like this?’ said Tammy.

‘Like what?’ said Simon, genuinely not knowing what was about to happen. All three of them looked at each other and starting laughing.

‘Don’t worry,’ said Bridget, ‘Just try to relax and you’ll start to enjoy it’. He smiled nervously, not entirely convinced by the sentiment.

‘Go and stand there,’ said Tammy. Simon went over and stood in front of the camera.

‘Well?’ she said impatiently,

‘Take it off!’ while pointing to his robe

As Simon slowly removed it, a feeling of utter powerlessness came over him, standing naked in front of a camera and in the presence of these three beautiful women.

Bridget began to take photos whilst issuing instructions on what poses and positions he should take. He could see Xuxa and Tammy looking on while whispering to each other. Never in his life had he been in a situation which made so self-conscious.

‘Okay. Let’s try something else,’ said Xuxa.

Tammy pointed to some clothes on a bench. ‘Put those on,’ she said casually.

Simon walked over to them with trepidation. To his relief it was just a black t-shirt and jeans along with a pair of briefs and black shoes. He started to feel a bit more relaxed as he put them on.

The Boy Trap II
Simon in his first shoot as Tammy and Bridget make their assessment

He stepped back in front of the camera and Bridget continued to take pictures. He started to feel more and more confident.

They then moved him onto the catwalk and with Bridget offering him encouragement as he strode up and down; he actually started to enjoy the attention that he was getting.

‘Good, very good in fact’ said Tammy.

Xuxa and Bridget nodded in agreement.

‘Right I think that’s enough for today,’ said Xuxa, clasping her hands together. ‘You can keep those clothes on for the moment.’

Simon stepped off the catwalk feeling a little dejected that it was over.’

‘You were really enjoying yourself by the end there weren’t you?’ said Tammy, smiling at him.

‘Yes’ said Simon, blushing slightly.

He followed Xuxa back upstairs to the changing room where he put his own clothes back on. Xuxa then directed him back into the interview room.

‘Wait in there,’ she said.

Simon sat down at the table. After a couple of minutes Imogen entered the room.

‘What did you think of today?’ she said as she sat down.

‘It was great’ he answered, beaming.

‘Well I’m glad you think that.’ she said whilst handing some papers to him.

‘Take a look at this contract.’

He began to read it carefully.

‘Based on your qualifications and what we have seen of you today, we are pleased to provisionally offer you a place in our internship programme.’

Simon looked at the contract. He would be trained as a personal assistant. To his surprise the salary was higher than anything that he had earned before.

‘You’ll spend roughly two days a week in training and three days as an actual PA here at Sentinal.’

The salary and the prospect of doing more photo-shoots along with working in such a glamorous location surrounded by beautiful women made it an opportunity that was impossible to resist.

In his haste he signed the contract without even reading all of it.

“Great!” said Imogen, giving him a wry smile as she collected up all the papers.

‘You will start next Monday, nine o’clock sharp. Do not be late.’

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