The Boy Trap Part V

The Boy Trap

Part V

(Excerpt from ‘The Boy Trap’ FEMINIZATIONS Magazine)


Simon sat in the coffee shop on the opposite side of the lobby to the Sentinal office. He had bought a sandwich but the thought of what might happen next had killed his appetite, a strange combination of both fear and excitement consumed him. He undid his tie, and put it on the seat beside him. He stared at the imposing glass doors, taking the occasional sip of coffee. By the time he had finished it was almost one o’clock. He took one last drink and trudged back across the lobby, resigned to his fate.

As he neared the door it opened. Imogen, almost like an executioner, stood waiting, smiling broadly. She gestured down the corridor with her head without saying a word. When they reached the twentieth floor she directed him back into the interview room.

‘Wait in there,’ she said before turning and closing the door behind her.

Locker Room I

He sat waiting nervously. After a few minutes a woman walked in,

‘Simon?’ she asked, checking the form in her hand.

‘Yes, that’s me,’ he said, standing up.

‘My name is Xuxa and I’ll be taking you through the next session.’

‘Step this way.’

Simon followed her down the corridor obediently. He wasn’t sure if it was the other woman who he had seen in the lobby as by now, the procession of beautiful woman whom he had seen was starting to make his head spin. She was tall, with a short brown wedge hairstyle and huge brown eyes. He tried to sneak a glance of her in the reflection as he followed her. They came to a door marked ‘Locker Room 1’.

‘You’ll have to take your shoes and socks off here,’ she said as the doors opened, revealing a large changing room, ‘And put those on.’ Simon changed into a pair of white slippers, the type you might find in a hotel or spa.

Inside the room was a row of five changing cubicles running down each side. It appeared as though there was nobody there at first but then he heard voices coming from one of them. He tried to catch a glimpse inside but frustratingly the curtain was closed and secured at one end.

Salon I

‘You can use that one,’ said Xuxa, pointing to a cubicle on the opposite side of the room. Inside there was a full length mirror and a bench. It was empty apart from a white robe on a hanger. Simon began to feel nervous again. Suddenly, Xuxa stepped into the cubicle with him, closing the curtain and fastening it behind her. She moved behind him, putting one hand on his hip to turn him towards the mirror. Then with her lips close to his ear whispered, ‘We are going to get you ready for the photo-shoot now.’ The room felt heavy with excitement as she put her other hand around his waist and expertly unbuckled his belt and then undid his pants which fell silently to the floor.

‘Now take off your shirt.’

Simon complied without saying a word. Now down to just a pair of black briefs he was paralyzed with fear.

‘Put the robe on and follow me.’

They went through a door at the opposite side to where they had come in. Simon now found himself in what looked like a salon.

‘This is Annabel,’ said Xuxa,

‘I’ll leave you in her capable hands.’

Annabel gestured towards a room at the back. Simon stepped inside and Annabelle closed the curtain behind him.

‘Take off your robe,’ she said, holding out her hand to take it.

‘You can take off those as well,’ she added, pointing to his underwear. Simon complied with her instructions, not really knowing what was coming next.

‘Hop on there!’ ‘I’ll be back in a moment.’

She left the room, once again closing the curtain behind her. Simon climbed onto why looked like a massage table. He had never felt as vulnerable as he lay there naked, covering himself with both hands. Annabel came back into the room with another woman. They both had surgical masks and gloves on.

She grabbed his hands and pulled them back over his head. Simon gulped in fear.

‘You don’t have much hair on your body so this won’t take long,’ she said, looking him up and down. The other woman nodded in agreement.

Annabel then produced an electric razor and shaved off his armpit hair. Then gradually she worked her way down his body, removing what little hair he had from his chest and stomach. The other woman did the same from the other direction, working her way up from his legs.

Simon froze as they reached his groin. He felt Annabel lift up his manhood with her gloved hand to remove the last remnants of hair

He watched as the second woman then brought a small table over to the bench. That was the last thing he saw as Annabel placed a mask over his eyes.

‘You have to cover your eyes while we do the light treatment,’ she said as she plunged him into darkness. He suddenly felt a cool sensation on his legs as they applied what felt like a kind of gel to them. Eventually he was completely covered. He then heard something else being brought over to the table.

‘We are going to perform the light treatment now so please remain still with your eyes closed.’

He could hear a clicking sound as they worked their way up his body. Occasionally he could sense a flashing light. They then wiped off the gel with damp sponges.

‘Okay you can turn over now,’ said the second woman and they performed the procedure again. The whole process seemed to take more than an hour.

He got up off the bench and Annabel pointed to a shower in the corner.

‘You can wash off the last of the gel in there,’ she said, handing him the robe.

Simon showered and dried himself off with a towel before putting the robe back on.

He stepped back into the room to find Xuxa stood with her arms folded waiting for him. She raised one eyebrow seductively,

‘Ready?’ she purred.

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