The Turtleneck Twinset

Prepare for the invasion of the turtleneck twinset! The classic twinset has been updated with a new super-cute twist. Our very own Susan first spotted the look online and immediately ordered a couple of sets to road test on her interns.

A key conference for SENTINAL offered the perfect opportunity, not only to showcase  the look but to throw the interns into the deep end to see how they handle the pressure of taking part in a large company event.  We were so impressed with the results that we decided to make the turtleneck twinset one of the core basics for our trainees!

pink twinset
Layering perfection!

After the successful trail the ImageMax team brought in a large consignment to distribute to our interns as part of the monthly compulsory purchase cycle.

The base layer the set is the form-fitting ribbed turtleneck. The longer length of the main body, sleeves and turtleneck enhances the figure as does the fine rib knit.

pink set 2
Classic pink skinny rib turtleneck

The second layer of the set is this gorgeous v-neck sweater in matching rib knit. The v-neckline has a huge bow at the front with cute pearl detailing at the ends. The v-neckline and bow frame the high turtleneck layered underneath beautifully.

pink twinset
Pink turtleneck twinset and long black skirt

The key to the look is the perfect matching of the two layers along with the superfine knit. A thicker knit would appear too bulky. What we want to achieve here is a svelte and sexy silhouette.If you are not sure of the sizing you should always opt for the slightly smaller one as you really want to show of every curve.

pink 2

As part of the ImageMax programme, our trainees were able to pick two colors from a choice of four: Pink, Ivory, Grey and Red. (Pink was the clear favorite!)


For the conference Susan really to wanted to make an impact so she dressed one intern in an ivory turtleneck twinset paired with a beige ribbed tube skirt and the other in a grey turtleneck twinset paired with a dark grey knee length flared skirt.

ivory twinset
Ivory turtleneck twinset and beige tube skirt

She definitely caused a stir as she strode into the conference hall with her two fully feminized assistants following obediently behind. If there was anyone in the room who wasn’t sure who was in charge of the event they were left in no doubt after such a dramatic entrance!


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