The Boy Trap Part IV

The Boy Trap

Part IV

(Excerpt from ‘The Boy Trap’ FEMINIZATIONS Magazine)

The doors opened out on to the twentieth floor. Simon looked around, hoping to recognize something from the previous Friday. If he could see the main lift then he figured he could just use that to go back downstairs. Alas it seemed as though they were now in a completely different part of the building.

‘Another one?’  He turned to find the same beautiful, tall blonde woman who had started this whole obsession standing in front of him.

‘Great work Miku!’ she said, giving a thumbs up to the girl who had arrived with Imogen.

She walked up to him, looking him up and down. It was the first time that he had been this close to her and she towered over him. Without hesitation she took the folder from under his arm and pointed to a room on the right.

‘Interview room two is free now Imogen, you can take him in there.’

‘Okay,’ Imogen replied.

“Let me know the outcome,’ said the tall woman.

‘Yes Susan,’ Imogen said, smiling.


Imogen_Miku_ VII
Imogen & Miku


Simon caught a glimpse of Imogen and Miku high-fiving each other behind in the reflection on the glass doors before Miku turned and went back inside the elevator. His eyes followed Susan as she walked back down the corridor just as he had done all those months ago.

He was brought back to the present abruptly by Imogen snapping her fingers.

‘In here,’ she said sharply, holding the door open. He walked into a small room with a round table and two chairs. She placed some papers, a pen and a bottle of water on the table.

“Complete this form as best you can.”

“You have thirty minutes.” she said, glancing at her watch before walking out, closing the door behind her.

Simon sat down, almost relieved to have a break in the intensity of the morning. He looked down at the form which was headed ‘ImageMax’ and began to fill it in. He thought that if he could just get this completed then he could leave. It was a standard application form and didn’t take him very long to complete. Along with the from there was another piece of paper which had a disclaimer written on it;

‘The signee (being the intern) hereby agrees to SENTINAL taking and publishing images of the intern as part of the internship selection process of ImageMax and ImageMax internship programme. The content and quantity of said images are governed solely by ImageMax and SENTINAL. The intern agrees to surrender all ownership, publishing and any other usage rights of said images to ImageMax and SENTINAL.’ ImageMax internship graduates may only use images in a non-commercial manner if granted prior permission by ImageMax and SENTINAL.’

Simon stared at the page, wondering what images they were talking about. The statement sounded rather ominous so he put it underneath the form, hoping they they would not notice that he hadn’t signed it.

Just at that moment Imogen re-entered the room.

‘Done?’ she said.

‘Yes,’ said Simon.

‘Have you eaten?’ she said, flicking through the form.

‘No I haven’t.’ he replied.

‘Okay, well go and get something and come back here at one o’clock sharp for the afternoon session.’

A huge feeling of relief came over him. He could now make his escape,but as he got up to leave she stopped him.

‘Wait!’ she said, grabbing him by the arm, ‘You haven’t signed this!’

He hesitated for a moment, staring down at the disclaimer. He had already decided that he would not be coming back so feeling rather smug he smiled broadly and put pen to paper.

He puffed his cheeks out in relief as he emerged triumphantly from the building, shaking his head as he contemplated what a lucky escape he had just had.

However this moment of elation was short-lived as he remembered that all his documents were still upstairs. The sense of dread that had just lifted descended upon him once more. His birth certificate and original qualifications alone would be extremely troublesome and time consuming to get again.


He had no choice. He would have to go back.

Emma x


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