If The Shoe Fits, Wear It!

If the Shoe Fits, Wear it!

(Excerpt from The ImageMax Training Manual FEMINIZATIONS Issue II)

As our interns progress through our ImageMax programme we take great care to ensure their transitions are smooth and drama free. While the primary focus is on the clothes, we also have to ensure the shoes are a perfect match. You can’t really expect put a boy in a pair of high heels on day one! So, how do we do it?

Well, as with other aspects of feminization, such as the transition from pants to skirts, we have to do things gradually. Whilst the changes are gradual, we can separate them into four stages.

Phase I: Regulation (Weeks 1-12)

In Phase I we give our interns two styles from a choice of four which we change up every month. On first glance, they appear to be men’s styles. Unbeknown to our interns, however, they are actually all women’s shoes. The actual design of the shoe is not important at this stage. All we are doing is getting our trainees accustomed to having their mentors deciding what they wear and when they wear it.

Phase I
ImageMax Phase I

Typical styles are loafers with buckle or tassel detailing although we sometimes throw in more adventurous designs like a sandal or platform wedge  Almost without exception, by the time they have reached the end of the first phase our interns have accepted the new controls.

Phase I Look
Typical look during Weeks 1-12

Platform Sandal
Key Look: Platform Sandal

As they near the end of week 12, all our interns have been moved onto Phase II……..

Xuxa x

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